Bravo 1 Blue Black G-10

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The Bravo-1 is a Bark River Knives BEST seller!

This knife was developed with the assistance of the Training Unit of the Force Recon Division of the U.S. Marine Corp. These folks bought a large number of knives on the commercial market and tested them without saying anything to any of the makers. The Bark River Gameskeeper came out on top to fit their requirements of a Real Time, General Purpose Survival/Bushcraft Knife. Bark River Knife and Tool (the name at that time) was contacted by them and asked to make a knife based on the Gameskeeper with a few changes. The Bravo-1 is the result of their input. The changes were the addition of a ramp style thumb rest on the spine and changing the guard into an Integral Self Guard. They also wanted the choil eliminated to bring the sharp edge all the way to the front of the handle slabs for leverage in notching. The balance of the knife had to be on the first finger. Balance was achieved by skeletonizing the tang to put the weight evenly over the first finger position. The handle slabs had to be epoxied and bolted to and through the blade. All of the Bravo-1 knives have the handle sets attached with bolt sets and they are not removable as the screw slots are ground off when the handles are finished out. The final result is a heavy duty Bushcraft/Survival knife that can stand up to abusive use and keep on going.

While we all know that there is no one knife that will handle the needs of every situation, many feel that the Bravo 1 knife comes as close as any. Could that be why it is a runaway best seller?

Includes a heavy Kydex Sheath

  1. SPECS:
  2. Overall Length: 9.065"
  3. Blade Length: 4.25"
  4. Blade Thickness: .217"
  5. Handle Thickness: .99"
  6. Tang: Full
  7. Blade Steel: 3V
  8. Weight: 8.7oz
  9. Country of Origin: USA