Spyderco Probe up for Auction

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The Spyderco Dive Probe Knife was made in 1988, this is the larger probe Model sku 2002. These were very limited production, only about 600 total every made. This one has never been used and still has the original box, the box has some wear but the knife is near mint. Light marks from rubbing inside box, would all probably buff out with some flitz. It has the full serrated sheepsfoot blade, prybar, 6"/160mm ruler, lanyard hole, gimping in handle for grip, Spydey hole for one hand opening, line cutter in blade, and drying vent milled in handle.


The Spyderco Story wrote:

In the mid-1980's, Sal, a SCUBA diver himself, started designing improved tools to be carried by a diver. The first version was the TTZ Probe, a three-quarter pound slabe of transformation toughened zirconia, 8 inches long and half an inch thick with a lanyard hole in one end and a beveled prying surface on the other. Not the least bit fragile, TTZ could be thrown against a brick wall, land on concrete, yet suffer no damage.

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