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2nd Ammendment RFID Money clip card wallet

2nd Ammendment RFID Money clip card wallet

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This RFID money clip and wallet is great way to carry your essentials. The money clip portion will hold one bill to a fairly hefty stack if that's how you roll. The RFID card wallet spreads open to allow secure holding of ID, Credit cards, business cards, and anything else that is the size of a standard credit card.  Safety and Privacy: These clips are created using cutting-edge RFID blocking technology that protects your valuable personal data. The body is built of RFID blocking material and additionally shielded in aluminum. It won't weigh down your pocket and i has enough surface area that even in suit cut pants it doesn't have the tendency to slide out like other traditional money clips. 

This one features crossed AR's with the Spartan motto ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, a phrase that has become popular with people who are supporters of the 2nd Amendment. 


Length: 3.44in

Width: 2.15in

Weight: 3oz

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