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Mini Griptilian 2 555-S30V

Mini Griptilian 2 555-S30V

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When it comes to all around functionality, you can't beat the mini  Griptilian! The mini geip is one of Benchmades most popular knives for a reason, it is small and compact enough for any pocket but built to tackle any task.  I recommend this for folks who are looking to get their first good quality knife and many stick with it forever.  As it's name suggests it provides an excellent grip, easy one handed opening and closing, ambidextrous capability, too teir edge retention, and just an all around useful knife.  It's great because it isn't overwhelming, having many people who work in office environments where something too large makes Karen in accounting freak out.....   This is also a tio pick for the ladies,  mostly because it still fits in the pockets of girl jeans which apparently are not as deep as guy jeans?   Bottom line if you're looking for a great everyday carry knife this is a great one to consider.


Designer: Pardue
Mechanism: AXIS®
Action: Manual-opening
Blade Steel: S30V | 58-60 HRC
Blade Length: 2.91" | 7.39cm
Blade Thickness: 0.100" | 2.540mm
Open Length: 6.78" | 17.22cm
Closed Length: 3.87" | 9.83cm
Handle Thickness: 0.51" | 12.954mm
Weight: 2.68oz. | 75.98g






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