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Protech Malibu Textured Bronze AL Hi-Polish LTD 5210

Protech Malibu Textured Bronze AL Hi-Polish LTD 5210

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The Limited Edition Malibu 5118 High polish Wharncliffe 20CV, Textured Bronzed AL handles, mosaic inlay button, stainless hardware and a stainless mini deep carry clip ensures that this slender knife carries discreetly. This limited Malibu is an unique and very impressive EDC, doesn't take too much pocket real estate and is suited for jobs big and small.  The CPM 20CV holds a hair popping edge and the reverse tanto design gives maximum cutting edge and added tip strength. 

What truly sets the Malibu apart from other knives on the market is its amazingly smooth action that can easily be opened and closed with one hand, while never placing your fingers in the path of the blade. Our unique tuned button lock detent system provides a crisp breaking detent release when the blade is flipped. This distinct system does this using only the button lock itself, with no other detent mechanism necessary. Once open, simply close the blade with an easy push of the button and tilt of the handle. The blade runs on ultra smooth ball bearings riding on protective hardened steel washers, which allows the blade to flow gracefully from open to close with nothing more than a light flick of the flipper and push of the button.

  1. Overall length-7.5"
  2. Blade length-3.25"
  3. Blade thickness- .125"
  4. Style- wharncliffw
  5. Steel -CPM 20CV
  6. Finish- Polished
  7. Handle- Bronze Aluminium 
  8. Clip- Deep carry tip up

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