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RMOR Knives Squirrel with Aegir Damasteel

RMOR Knives Squirrel with Aegir Damasteel

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RMOR knives is a one man operation and a local knife maker to us. He has been making knives since 2014. I design all of my knives to be carried and make them extremely sharp. All of my products are made and assembled in the United States of America. Specifically, southern California. Almost all materials are sourced in the U.S.A. with very few exceptions. (i.e., exotic steel, exotic wood etc.) I stand behind all of the products I sell. All products come with a limited lifetime warranty. Abuse and neglect will void that warranty. Severity of abuse and neglect will be determined by me. 


The colors on this knife are AMAZING! I love this Damasteel pattern! The titaniumhand, It has a snappy and smooth action, polished blade, titanium scales, titanium hardware, a polished cutting edge and Wavepool anodizing. This blade has a minimal finger choil that extends its cutting length to 3 5/8.

Why Damasteel? What is Damasteel? Simply put, it is one of the most desirable modern damascus steels available at the moment. This is their new Aegir pattern, its beautiful! Did I mention that its stainless steel damascus, has great corrosion resistance and they preform very well.

Why titanium? It is an amazing material. It is very lightweight, has a great memory and will tend to spring back instead of bend. That is perfect for the frame lock in the scales. It can also be polished and anodized a wide variety of colors. Due to the nature of anodizing it is extremely difficult to get a perfect representation of the colors in anodizing, the color may vary slightly in person. Each titanium scale is .160 thick, compared to .06-.09 commonly found on commercial liner lock knives. It is very lightweight due to the scales being made of aircraft grade titanium that has had extensive internal lightening cuts where it will not affect the structural integrity.

Model: Squirrel

Weight: 113g

Overall open length: 8 3/8in

Overall closed length: 4 15/16

Cutting edge: 3 5/8

Blade: Aegir Damasteel

Scales: Polished titanium/ Wavepool heat anodizing

Hardware: Titanium polished


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