D.rocket EDC Flipper Dog Tag knife pocket knife

Sale price $200.00 Regular price $255.00

Carbon Handle

M390 Blade


D.Rocket Rocket, the No. 1 EDC brand in North America, new dog brand knife
It has a quick opening function, which is different from traditional dog tag knives. It does not need two hands to operate, and can be operated with one hand.
ZIRC, is a mini EDC that is easy to carry, ceramic bearing system, can be opened quickly, fin quick open handle. The holster made of genuine leather is easy to carry and can effectively protect this delicate toy from daily scratches and bumps. The handle material can be selected from titanium alloy, carbon fiber, zirconium, titanium damascus. The blade material can be selected from M390, Swiss powder Damascus.

This is an American EDC manufacturer, designed by Rocket, with luxurious configuration, one-handed quick-opening operation, Damascus steel blade, titanium alloy Damascus handle. Comes with a nice leather sheath that attaches to your belt.