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Kanetsune 1000/3000 Japanese Water Stone

Kanetsune 1000/3000 Japanese Water Stone

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Item Condition : Brand New
Brand : Kanetsune
Model : Double Sided
Type : Sharpening Stone
Grain Size : #1000/#3000 Grit
Stone Size : L175mm (6.9") W55mm (2.2") H25mm (1.0")
Stone weight : About 500g

Combination water stone.
The #1000 stone is used for edge sharpening and the #3000 stone is used for final honing.

This product cannot sharpen ceramic based blade kitchen knives.
Should be used for carbon steel or stainless steel blades.
Also, cannot sharpen serrated blade and wave blade kitchen knives.
This also can be used for Damascus kitchen knives.

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