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MicroTech Dirac Delta D/E Damascus 227-016 S/N 015

MicroTech Dirac Delta D/E Damascus 227-016 S/N 015

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The Dirac Delta Damascus Signature series is a dressed up version of the first Microtech double action knife with a cover firing slider. The extremely ergonomic chassis features curved lines similar to the HALO for a slightly different feel, compared to other handles. They researched this particular OTF design and applied their signature ultra-high tolerance Microtech features such as proprietary hardware, innovative internal mechanism, and glass breaker. With an overall length of 7.25 inches, the Dirac is just right for an everyday knife.

Additional Information

Automatic Action Double Action (D/A)
Blade Finish Damascus
Blade Length (in) 3.75 inches
Blade Shape Dagger
Blade Steel Damascus
New Condition Yes
Used Condition No
Glassbreaker Yes
Handle Color Black
Handle Inserts N/A
Handle Material Aluminum
Action Type Automatic Out-the-front (OTF)
Maker Microtech Knives
Maker's Model Dirac Delta
Overall Length (in) 9.40 inches
Pocket Clip Yes
Pocket Clip Orientation Tip-Down
Production Type Manufactured
Serrations Plain Edge

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