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Saddle Mountain Skinner w/hook

Saddle Mountain Skinner w/hook

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The Saddle Mountain Skinner is an excellent hunting, skinning, or all around outdoor knife.  This model features a gut hook, but it has plenty of other uses.  Many use the hook for everyday tasks, opening packages, strap cutting, pencil sharpening? Just another feature added to an already great knife.  The wood handles give it a warm feel in the hand and a classic look when you are carrying it. The gimping provides a great grip and added control of the blade.  Comes with a nice leather sheath for belt carry. 




Steel S30V

Handles Stabilized Wood

Sheath Leather

BLADE LENGTH 4.20” [10.67cm]

BLADE THICKNESS 0.12” [3.048mm]
OPEN 8.70” [22.10cm]
WEIGHT 4.30oz [121.90g]
HANDLE THICKNESS 0.66” [16.76mm]
SHEATH WEIGHT 2.46oz [69.74g]

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